B+R | Branding+Repertoire

Branding While Broke with the National Black MBA Association St Louis Chapter

Branding is no easy feat whether branding a company or branding yourself personally. There's logo design, website creation and a million other things. And all these things come with a million different fees. Expensive fees or so you think. In this B+R session, attendees learned six creative lessons to cut cost not quality when branding and here's some testimonies:

  • I loved it!!! Keisha did such a wonderful job and I loved the tips and stories that she shared. I even bought her book and can’t wait to read it.
  • Keisha was phenomenal and I left so inspired.
  • Keisha is a dynamic woman and she worked the room effortlessly.
  • Keisha is all around amazing. She is a superstar and a superfriend.
  • Keisha is an excellent speaker! I really enjoyed her event and can’t wait to read her book. #heyfriend
  • Keisha was AMAZING and I am so freakin proud of her! She shared her journey, her strategies and it was OUTSTANDING!
  • This event was great and the information Keisha shared was invaluable.
  • Keisha is excellent and so was the event...her energy, her knowledge and her determination is contagious.
  • Keisha is such a natural speaker and inspirational! I look forward to attending more of her events!!!

Steve Forbes believes that your brand is the single most important investment you can make in your business and so do we. Contact Us today to be on your way to a new brand that pushes your performance, influences your image and expands your exposure.



B+R | Branding+Repertoire

Building Your Personal Brand with Launch STL's Gateway to the Future Young Professionals Summit

We all have brands whether we are intentional about creating and communicating them or not. We all have brands. Some good, some bad, some ugly but brands none the less. In this session, summit participants learned the do’s, don’ts and won’ts to personal branding. They learned about elevator pitches and resumes and if either one or both were still relevant today. They learned about the roles authenticity and volunteering play in branding, and they learned how to perfect their personal brands and public relations plans to get noticed.

If you are ready to get noticed let us help! Click Contact Us and we will be in touch faster than you can say Branding+Repertoire.



B+R | Branding+Repertoire

What's Your Story Boot Camp @ Cafe Ventana

Shapes are 3D and so are peeps, and that was the goal of our What's Your Story Boot Camp. The goal was to help attendees tap into their multi-dimensions, to get to know the persons behind their professions and tell their stories of self beyond the 9 to 5's they work just to stay alive --- and we succeeded.

We believe that to know thy self is to know thy purpose and boot camps like these and many, many, many more like them can be tailored to fit your Branding+Repertoire needs.