Connecting. Impacting. Growing.

Passion Profits NOT Passion Projects Work Session with Microsoft Small Business Week

Passion. It’s defined as a strong and barely controllable emotion but many of us believe passions are the things that make us happy. Many of us believe passions are the things we are willing to do for free. But, although we are willing to do passions for free we should not and we should stop. In this session, young professionals will hear from connection guru - Keisha Mabry - openly, honestly, and candidly about her journey to turn her passions for friendship, travel and entrepreneurship into profits. Attendees will walk away with a clear understanding of their passion using Keisha’s ‘Who Are You’ template, a 100-day plan to turn their passion projects into passion profits and a connection asset map to validate their ideas and take them to market.

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Connecting. Impacting. Growing.

Using Friendship Techniques to Connect with Listeners Digitally with the Online News Association

No one likes to feel networked - - - you take my information and then focus on what you can get from me - - - versus getting to know me personally. In-person and face-to-face this makes since but sometimes digital news outlets forget this. Many digital news networks network. They don’t connect with their listeners they just network their listeners to death. They focus on the transaction not the interaction, they focus on getting not giving, they focus on curating more listeners not cultivating the ones they already have. During this meet up, members of the Online News Association learned how to use friendship techniques to connect with listeners digitally. 

You too can learn how to connect with your user-base, impact your industry space and grow your business at a steady pace.

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Connecting. Impacting. Growing.

If You Build it THEY May NOT Come <The Power of Market Validation> Workshop with Venture Cafe

Many entrepreneurs, innovators and companies are in a rush to build the latest, greatest and coolest “it” out there.  They race to the finish line, often times forgetting to validate their market and in the end have a product with very little demand or no demand.  Hear from Connection Coach and Consultant Keisha Mabry.  She went through a similar process when she was tasked with rehabbing an ed tech product into something “the market” wanted.  She met with 100 people in 100 days and on day 101 she had a renewed business model canvass, redefined target market, renovated technology and a revamped sales and marketing strategy.  Learn from her tactical approach, her aha moments, her don’t do moments and how she utilized the community to rehabilitate a product on a shoestring budget.

Participants learned all of the above and a lot more. And on top of that, they walked away with some pretty cool Monopoly inspired road maps to kickstart their market validation plans. You too can learn from Keisha soon --- just Contact Us below to kickstart the convo.