Stop Aiming and Shoot!

Hey Friends,

A wise woman once told me, “Don’t get so focused on aiming that you never shoot.” And I never really knew what she meant until a year ago when I created, founded and launched #heyFRIEND.

A year ago, I was so focused on aiming. So focused on making sure my website was just right, making sure my nails were hammered and my screws were tight, making sure my content was polished, squeaky and clean and making sure my brand was as perfect as it could be. But perfection, like time, is an illusion.

An illusion that brings about confusion, delusion and exclusion. Why? Because perfection can never be reached when you’re only focused on aiming. You have to shoot, see where you land, evaluate and try again. So friends—are you shooting or just aiming?

If you’re still in the aiming phase, try shooting at least once a day. Apply for that job, write that article, research that grad school, get that 501C3, volunteer to speak and pay for that PD. And if you do this once a day for 365 days, you’ll be amazed one year later like I’m amazed today.

Because—this day last year I wrote my first book and now look—a year later I’m speaking, teaching and traveling all over the world. That’s the power of shooting, seeing where you land, evaluating and trying again.

---The End

Keisha MabryComment