Pee, Eat and Sleep Friends---Pee, Eat and Sleep

Hey Friends,

Some days during lunch I eat but most days I speak and today I was with the CSPRC. And during my keynote I spoke about the nonprofit, and community service, superhero syndrome and if you have it—you are not alone! Nonprofit and community service workers tend to be givers and over-achievers and here’s the thing about being hardly eat, your hardly sleep and you hardly pee.

And yes, I said pee. can’t be the gift that keeps on giving if the giver isn’t getting what she/he is needing. So, if you like to give, achieve and multiply—try this formula on for size. It's called the #heyFRIEND PEMDAS Formula. It’s an adaptation of middle school math. And if you remember PEMDAS from your middle school math days, the #heyFRIEND PEMDAS edition is a bit different but just as significant.

P—pee, eat and sleep

E—elevate your mind

M—move and exercise

D—drink and hydrate your body

A—act like a kid and play

S—socialize with positive, supportive people

Happy PEMDASing!!! Because before you can save the world, you must save yourself.

Keisha MabryComment