My Book

Hey Friend: 100 Ways to Connect with 100 People in 100 Days is a must-read, a fun read and the ultimate guide to teaching people how to meet new peeps. In this book, readers learn how to: make friends everywhere (on planes, on trains, in lines and while they dine); be connectors not networkers and yes there's a difference; connect with 21st-century techniques like hashtags, swag, podcasts, retweets and street teams; share their "who" not their "do" when meeting peeps that are new and use 100 creative techniques to curate new friendships while cultivating the friendships they already have.

If you are graduating or relocating, job hunting or promotion wanting, empty nesting or manifesting—this book is for you! I repeat—this book is for you. Click the links below to hear what our friends have to say and to purchase your copy today.