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Hey Friends. My name is Keisha Mabry and I help people get connected.


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Friends. I’m a chameleon so I can adapt and create anything to fit your needs as long as it revolves around personal branding and connecting. I’ve done everything for my clients from coaching and consulting, to content curation and cultivation, to interactive lessons, workshops and sessions, to event hosting and speaking engagements. I’ve done it all for individual clients to groups, small companies to large companies, organizations to associations, colleges to universities and everything in between. My goal is to help you get connected to the people and resources needed to catch your dreams so let's get connected. Download my speaking and services bio and contact me below.


About Me

My Story: Hey Friends. My name is Keisha Mabry and I created a platform called heyFRIEND to teach people how to build genuine, authentic relationships using my proprietary technique called Friendworking. But whyyyyy? Because no matter how you cut or slice the piece of cake, pizza or pie everyone has had to do a little networking from time to time. Everyone and everybody but let’s be honest—we hate it, we fake it and we don’t always know how to do it. And that’s where I come in.

I use my 10+ years of Friendworking experience and expertise to help people and companies get connected to the people and resources needed to catch their dreams. I have been featured on National Public Radio, the Nine Network, Fox 2 News, Next Step U, Huffington Post and Blavity for this work and not to toot my own horn—okay I’m lying I am tooting my own horn—but I also have a TED talk called What I Learned from Meeting 100 People in 100 Days. And before you ask...yes I did it! I met 100 people in 100 days four times in my life going on five.

And I say all of this to say, relationships are kind of my thing. I breathe relationships, I eat relationships, I speak, teach and sleep relationships. I blog relationships, I vlog relationships and if I had a dog her name would probably be Relationships or Hey Friend. But anywho, like I said, relationships are my thing friends and I have the book to prove it. So...if you need someone to help you curate and cultivate genuine, authentic relationships with clients, mentors, advocates, sponsors and partners, or with co-workers, employees, family, friends and frans—ain't nothing to it but to do it so let’s get to it.

My Book

Hey Friend: 100 Ways to Connect with 100 People in 100 Days is a must-read, a fun read and the ultimate guide to teaching people how to meet new peeps. In this book, readers learn how to: make friends everywhere (on planes, on trains, in lines and while they dine); be connectors not networkers and yes there's a difference; connect with 21st-century techniques like hashtags, swag, podcasts, retweets and street teams; share their "who" not their "do" when meeting peeps that are new and use 100 creative techniques to curate new friendships while cultivating the friendships they already have.

If you are graduating or relocating, job hunting or promotion wanting, empty nesting or manifesting—this book is for you! I repeat—this book is for you. Click the links below to hear what our friends have to say and to purchase your copy today. 


My Clients


Keisha is awesome! A wealth of connection knowledge that if followed will quickly catapult you into your destiny!
— Timid Transplants | BJC Healthcare
Keisha coached us on the power of presence and gave us the connection confidence needed to get promoted and land our dream jobs.
— Polished Professionals | Monsanto
Keisha is an excellent resource for any and everyone; her ability to provide feedback and crystallize personal branding and networking action steps for us was invaluable.
— Emerging Leaders | Wells Fargo Advisors
Keisha is such a warm spirit and her insight on how to make genuine connections is vital to any entrepreneur looking to develop their venture.
— Elated Entrepreneurs | The Yield Lab
Keisha’s advice on navigating transition was refreshing and it really helped us identify some next steps for growth—especially with regard to leveraging our networks and our KSA’s.
— Emerging Leaders | Scottrade
We love Keisha—her voice and storytelling is sooooooo refreshing!!! We are extremely energized by the session today and plan to use the strategies learned to enhance our networks!
— Timid Transplants | BJC Healthcare
The workshop we had with Keisha was one of the most invaluable hours we’ve spent in conversation in quite awhile; Keisha is excellent at what she does, she’s very informative, she’s fun and engaging, and her energy is wonderful! She’s a true inspiration.
— Polished Professionals | Maryville

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